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Small batch Distillery, handcrafted in Vermont since 2002.

All of our products are meticulously crafted, blending the finest ingredients, using small batch fermentation and a proprietary distillation process.

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Citrus Gin

A pleasant journey on the pallet awaits with our Summer inspired Gin. Bright and citrus-forward aromas are followed by hints of rhubarb and lime with a dry finish of Juniper and Grains of Paradise. This spirit makes the perfect Martini and is equally great in a gin and tonic.

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Overproof 161

A high proof version of our grain Vodka. perfect for fruit& herb infusions CBD extractions & tinctures. your own home made Sanitizer or perhaps a few high octane cocktails.

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Organic hand~crafted
Blueberry Vodka

With a delightful aroma and fresh taste Green Mountain Organic Blueberry Vodka will dazzle the most discerning customer or party guest. Bursting with an incomparable, natural blueberry flavor, this vodka is sure to be an instant hit.

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Hand Crafted

We’re 100% crafted in Vermont and made with the finest ingredients sourced from around our fine state.

Small Batches

All of our products are meticulously crafted, using small-batch fermentation and a proprietary distillation process.

Tasting Room

We love sharing our spirits, come in and experience a tasting with us at the distillery.

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